You have the right to have your vehicle repaired at the body shop of your choice: NOT your insurance company’s choice, or the person who hit you in a third party situation. Remember, it is YOUR vehicle in question.
Only ONE estimate is required. There are two ways to obtain a estimate:

  1. Your insurance company may assess the damages to your vehicle.
  2. You can receive an estimate from the body shop you have chosen.


The insurance company has the right to inspect the damages to your vehicle and/or approve your body shop’s estimate.
If the person who hit your vehicle has requested to pay for the repairs themselves, beware of:

  1. It is still your choice of the body shop.
  2. There may be additional “hidden” damage, which will change the repair price.
  3. If the body shop does not receive payment, a Mechanical Lien will be placed upon your vehicle.


What to look for in a body shop:

  1. Appearance of the building, office, shop and the person helping you. Chances are, “what you see is what you get”.
  2. Reputation, ask your friends, co-workers and relatives.
  3. How long has the body shop been in business and do they have all necessary permits and licenses. I-Car certifications.